The Tabernacle of God

In the twenty-fifth chapter of Exodus these words occur: "Let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them." This was God's command to the people of Israel, as given through Moses. Elaborate and specific directions for the building of the tabernacle are recorded in the three chapters following. The materials used were to be of the choicest and finest, and the construction was to be supervised with the utmost care and precision, and with attention to expert workmanship. The Holy of Holies, or most sacred portion, was to be separated from the rest of the structure by a veil, and into this inner sanctuary only the high priest could come, for the purpose of ministering his high office. Aaron and his sons were chosen to serve in the capacity of priests. Yet even they were bidden to make special preparations, and to array themselves in holy garments before entering upon their solemn duties. And in addition to these garments, Aaron, as high priest, was required to wear over his heart the Urim and Thummim of precious stones.

This account of the building of the tabernacle, and of its specially ordained priesthood, would be little more than ordinary history, were it not for the fact that it bears direct and practical application to individual experience in our present age. In the fullness of time Christ Jesus came. The interpretations of God as a mighty lawgiver, which had come to humanity through Moses, the great Hebrew leader, were clarified and beatified by the spiritual revelations of God which Christ Jesus unfolded; and thus the ancient tabernacle built by Moses and his people stands in the dim perspective of the centuries as a type and shadow of better things to come. The Man of Galilee rent the veil of ignorance and doubt which had hidden the Holy of Holies for so long, and opened the sacred sanctuary to all mankind by his abundant interpretation of God as Love, universal and ever present. He revealed the nature and character of God, without mystery or limitation, and unveiled the glories of divine Being.

"Doers of the word"
March 19, 1927

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