Learning to Fly

Astudent's attention was attracted one day to two young pigeons which had been placed on a roof with the thought that they might try to fly. They hopped about briskly, examining the many new wonders, but made no attempt to leave the roof. Soon the parent bird flew to them, and after spending a few seconds with them, took leave. It was immediately followed by one of the young birds, which flew to a near-by tree, and then back to the roof, thus making its primary flight. The other bird made no attempt as yet to leave the roof; but in a few minutes more both were seen to fly into their nest. Later in the day, the parent bird was seen to push the little ones vigorously from the nest. They clung to it frantically and chirped loudly, but without avail.

How like the early steps of a Christian Scientist! He does not take the first steps until ready to do so, and then he is often too timid to venture alone. These first steps may not take him far; but even a beginning is bound to lead him into a new world. And does he always continue to proceed onward? No, he may often retrace his steps; but he has had a glimpse of Truth; he has caught sight of the fact that there is a better place, an heavenly, in which to live,—spiritual consciousness,—and he must venture farther. he soon learns that he cannot reach his spiritual home until he demonstrates the allness of Truth in his daily living.

The Day's Work
September 18, 1926

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