As it is over sixteen years since Christian Science...

As it is over sixteen years since Christian Science first came into my life, I feel that the time has arrived to tell something of the blessings it has brought to me. From the first it inspired the conviction that there is a link between the seen and the unseen, the truth which would lead us from our imperfect sense of life into the understanding of life eternal. This conviction has never failed. It has been the lodestar from on high, guiding through the seeming mists of mortal mind.

For twelve and a half years Christian Science has been my only physician. It has cured me of the tendency to continual colds in their severest forms, of headaches, of chills and fever, and of sore throat. It was my only help during an attack of influenza which lasted but a few days. It quickly overcame the various after effects which tried to manifest themselves. My hair came out in great quantities; but through the help of a practitioner this condition ceased and a thick crop of new hair replaced what had fallen out, showing that in divine Mind there is no loss. Christian Science is healing me of self-will and selfishness, through teaching me that the only will is God's and the real self the reflection of Him. It has protected me at different times in serious accidents. On one occasion I was pushed against a standing subway train and fell under the car between the wheels. Divine Love was with me, and so great was the feeling of protection that no sense of fear came into my consciousness. The only injuries sustained were some bruises, which, though large and very black, gave me no discomfort.

Testimony of Healing
I first heard of Christian Science through the healing of...
September 18, 1926

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