"Does Christian Science heal?" is the inquiry of every...

"Does Christian Science heal?" is the inquiry of every seeker after Truth; and those who have demonstrated its healing efficacy answer with conviction, "I know that Christian Science heals, because it has healed me." Because I have been healed of what was termed an incurable disease, I gratefully give my testimony, knowing that it will be a cup of cold water to some one still struggling with disease which seems very real.

For several months I had experienced at times pains in one breast and difficulty in raising my arm. In a superficial way, I had known God's allness and the perfection of man as His image and likeness; but I had not analyzed my thought to see what I was holding there that was unlike God. A situation arose which resulted in a very deep disappointment in some one whom I loved, and within a week a cancer of the breast appeared. I asked help of a Christian Science practitioner, and for seven days the manifestation grew alarmingly worse. On the evening of the seventh day the practitioner asked me if I was not personalizing evil in this incident. I replied, honestly, that I did not think I was; but added, "I will go to work and see." I am truly grateful for the awakening which came in consequence, for it revealed to my consciousness self-righteousness and self-justification, two obstructions to healing, and opened it wide to the searchlight of Truth, which uncovers and destroys error. I saw that all my life I had been putting people on pedestals so high that mortals could not possibly remain there, because they were mortal; and when my idols ceased to my sense to express the good I had been worshiping as their personal possession, they would crash to the ground, thereafter to epitomize in my thought everything evil. I would then nurse my disappointment until time covered it up sufficiently so that it ceased to bother me. Because the disappointment, resentment, hatred, personalization of good and evil, were only suppressed, not destroyed, this evil in thought was finally objectified in disease. As the truth that "there is none good but one, that is, God," and that, as Mrs. Eddy says, evil "is neither person, place, nor thing" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 71) flooded my consciousness, I knew I was healed,— healed permanently,— because the root of the disease had been destroyed. On the morning of the ninth day I awakened free, mentally and physically. When the bandage was removed new skin had formed on the breast.

It took about three months for the breast to re-form itself. I do not know when the scar was removed, but to-day I am absolutely free from every phase of this experience. Jesus said to Mary Magdalene, "Thy sins are forgiven; ... go in peace." We know how complete was her healing, and how great was her gratitude; for she was the first to see the risen Lord. My gratitude can be expressed only by constantly abstaining from personalizing good and evil; and, if faithful, I too shall see the risen Lord, a more spiritual and eternal sense of the Christ.

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September 18, 1926

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