In view of the publicity recently given to a former Jewish...

Lititz Express

In view of the publicity recently given to a former Jewish rabbi's claim of conversion to Christian Science and his later repudiation of it, we deem it only fair to state to your readers, in this connection, that there are Christian Scientists familiar with the circumstances who could give quite different reasons than those alleged by him for his apparent change of heart. Moreover, the observant reader should not overlook the fact that many thousands of other Jews have turned to Christian Science who, in view of the plain truths discerned therein, have no desire to leave it, who can give adequate and substantial reasons for the hope that is in them, and who would have no difficulty in explaining why others have not gained that hope. It is almost axiomatic to say that every religion has some truth in it. It is plain, also, that people do not turn from their religion on account of the truth found therein; and if they have not found it, they are not capable of judging or condemning its teaching.

Now Christian Science does not antagonize or repudiate the self-evident truth found in any religion; but it certainly reveals, with a clarity no other religion has shown, the difference between creeds and dogmas—having only erroneous human belief as a foundation—and the demonstrable, spiritual truth taught and practiced by Christ Jesus and his early followers. The Jews and others who come to Christian Science do so, not to overthrow such truth as they already know and have experienced through former teaching, but to gain more; and they have the abiding conviction that in a proper understanding of Christian Science is gained that "Spirit of truth" which, Christ Jesus said, "will guide you into all truth."

September 18, 1926

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