Overcoming Inertia

THERE is much desire for better living conditions, for improvement of thought, health, and morals, in the world to-day. Every one wants the best for himself and his dear ones. Rare is the parent who believes that what was good enough for him is good enough for his child. There is, however, another cause holding many back from rightful progress—lack of purposeful effort, of consistent, constant, Christlike effort, directed toward the consummation of good.

Many are familiar with the meaning of the term "inertia" as applied to matter. It is defined as "that property of matter by which it [matter] tends to remain in an existing state of rest, or of motion in the same straight line or direction." The same term may well be applied to the mental quality which tends to idle away the hours, or to allow itself to be directed into channels of faulty human thinking.

"Love prepareth"
August 21, 1926

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