Way-Shower and Saviour

In an inspiring sermon on the life and mission of Christ Jesus recorded in "Miscellaneous Writings" (pp. 161-168) Mrs. Eddy, with illuminating directness, points out the course his followers must pursue in order to grasp the truth which he exemplified, and to incorporate it into their lives. She says of Jesus' true followers (p. 165), "But they can neither appreciate nor appropriate his treasures of Truth and Love, until lifted to these by their own growth and experiences." And she makes clear in the following sentence that while Jesus by his wondrous goodness and grace pointed the way of salvation to all ready to follow, he did not remove the responsibility which rests upon each individual to make his own demonstration over the claims of sin through walking in the way of Spirit. Only as mortals individually lay down their material, sinful sense are they prepared to follow in his steps, "appropriate his treasures of Truth and Love," thus partaking of the blessings which follow upon the gaining of spirituality.

Christian Scientists give earnest heed to the words and works of Christ Jesus, for they look upon him as the great exemplar of right living, as the highest type of manhood the world has known; and they recognize that in order to partake of the spiritual joy which he revealed as belonging to God's children, they must lift their horizon to approximate the spiritual altitude from which he taught and demonstrated the Christ, Truth. "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me," he declared. This was his priceless assurance that all who give heed to his precepts will, indeed, be progressively lifted up to new heights of revelation, where spiritual truth will forever unfold.

The Star
December 25, 1926

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