After many years of suffering and operations, and being...

After many years of suffering and operations, and being afflicted with a diseased stomach, the pain of which became acute, I was finally told that nothing more could be done for me, the doctor suggesting that I try Christian Science. Having criticized Christian Science, I tried to climb up by some other way, but in great despair I finally called a practitioner. The pain was twice relieved, and in the third treatment I was permanently healed. With this healing came a physical and mental transformation. Since that first healing I have had many others, one of which occurred a short time ago. A particle, which seemed to be steel or glass, became embedded in the thumb, and I could not remove it on account of the soreness. The place seemed to heal over, but I felt it should be kept open. While reading of a healing in a Christian Science Sentinel I felt a sense of peace and had less fear on finding that I should remove my thought from it if possible and leave it to divine Mind, God. I must have succeeded, as I did not think of it again for several days. Then I found it had been completely healed. While this might be called a minor healing, it was wonderful to me.

The extent of my gratitude to God for this practical healing Christ-religion, again taught to suffering mankind by the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, could not be expressed in words. She also teaches us to understand and love the Bible as never before.

Testimony of Healing
In grateful acknowledgment of the many benefits received...
December 25, 1926

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