The caption, "Christianity Alone Can Save the World,"...

Ames Daily Tribune

The caption, "Christianity Alone Can Save the World," used as a heading in your recent report of an address by a London bishop before the State College students in Ames, is agreed to most heartily. That the report, however, quoted the lecturer as classifying Christian Science among "non-christian beliefs" was noticed with regret; and space for a brief statement regarding the teaching of this Christian religion is respectfully solicited. While the English churchman said, "I am a Christian because I was brought up in a Christian home," it can scarcely be believed he meant to imply that Christian environment alone entitles one to the name "Christian." Rather should one, seeing the high ideals of the Christian life portrayed in his surroundings, be led to embrace as his own the life thus held up before him. Likewise, Christian Science does not claim the designation "Christian" on the ground that it was discovered and founded by a Christian woman, Mary Baker Eddy, and in a Christian nation, even our own United States. Christian Science is Christian because it is based upon and demands the practice of the teachings of the master Christian, Christ Jesus.

The religion of Christian Science, instead of being found, as the lecturer intimated, "insufficient to mee the needs of a great majority of people," has proved itself all-sufficient in satisfying not alone the longings of the heart for spiritual understanding of God, but, besides, this supreme Christian ministry has afforded relief from physical and mental discord, as among the things which Jesus declared should "be added" to those seeking first the kingdom of God. Unnumbered thousands to-day bear witness to this experience, and rejoice in the understanding of God as the Father of man, as Jesus plainly taught. This has, furthermore, led the beneficiaries of Christian Science to recognize not only the brotherhood of all Christian people, as the bishop strongly urged, but the universal brotherhood of all mankind.

December 25, 1926

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