There is an old adage which says that a man is known by the company he keeps. Shelton renders the thought plainer when he says, "You may know the man by the conversation he keeps." This is indeed true; for one's thoughts are his companions, and one's conversation is a portrayal of his thinking. All should therefore be very careful as to the status and reliability of their mental company. Thoughts may lie dormant, be held in abeyance for a season; but they tend to become active, and with association crystallize into outward expression of speech or deeds.

Individuals should endeavor to purify their mentalities and to keep them occupied with pure and holy thoughts. Evil deeds would not be committed if they were not first thought of. Likewise, kind and loving acts would not be performed if good were not first contemplated. Let us always keep our thoughts in accord with good, so that our speech shall be of goodness. It is not only a duty but a privilege to make our conversation beneficial to others. It was said of Mrs. Eddy's mother by Richard S. Rust, D. D., who knew her long and well, "She gave an elevated character to the tone of conversation in the circles in which she moved, and directed attention to themes at once pleasing and profitable" (Retrospection and Introspection, p. 5). We who have acquired an enlarged understanding of God, good, through Christian Science should be able greatly to help others by our conversation.

August 29, 1925

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