Student and Disciple

A person "engaged in study" or one "devoted to learning" is considered a student; while one who has "received instruction from another," or who has "learned to believe in the truth of the doctrine of his teacher," is a disciple. Webster shows this difference between student and disciple. He says in substance that "student" is the general term for those in attendance at a higher institution of learning, while "disciple" implies personal adherence to the views or doctrines of one's master or teacher.

Jesus the Christ came to the world as the Saviour and Way-shower. His teaching and his work show that, in establishing the Father's kingdom on earth, he was in a very practical and loving way freeing humanity from the belief that there can be any reality in a power opposed to God, and also from the belief that man can be held under bondage to sin, disease, and death. As the Way-shower, the Master showed by practice and precept the way to overcome, or rise above, this seeming reality and power. Christian Scientists are very grateful for this. As students of this great teaching we are devoted to learning more of this Way; and as Jesus' disciples we must follow his example as he commanded us.

The Will of God
October 17, 1925

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