Several years ago a tumor was removed from my back...

Several years ago a tumor was removed from my back, with no permanent and little temporary relief, and the place did not heal, but spread to the hip. Again it was operated on and did not heal, but spread further. Other operations followed, but the three places did not heal. The verdict was "Tubercular"! This went on for over four years. Then a dear friend came, telling me of Christian Science; but I would not listen. So one more year went by, and then I decided to try Christian Science. The pain left during the first treatment; also, I was able to stand in an upright position with ease. In several weeks I was healed entirely.

An accident on another occasion, severing two arteries at the elbow and one at the wrist, made it seem necessary to have several stitches taken, and then the case was left to Christian Science. The loss of blood had been great, and I heard the remark, "She has lost so much blood, it is doubtful whether she will live." I began to declare that God is my Life; that blood has no power, but God is All-power. In five days the stitches were removed and the healing was complete. About four years ago influenza in a bad from was followed by rheumatism that started in one ankle, and in a few days' time had visited in turn seemingly all parts of the body. When the Christian Science practitioner was told it had reached the heart, she said, "It will have to leave, as there is apparently no other place to visit." It left!

Testimony of Healing
For six and a half years I suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis
October 17, 1925

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