A deep sense of gratitude to God impels me to bear...

A deep sense of gratitude to God impels me to bear witness to the healing power of Christian Science and all that it has done for me. In the spring of 1908, I borrowed the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, from a friend, because of a sincere desire to find a religion that followed Jesus' life and teachings more closely and fully. I borrowed the book too late in the evening to begin reading that night. The next morning I awakened with one of my frequent sick headaches, and thought with regret that I should not be able to read much that day, for the headaches always increased during the day. But being very eager to begin the study of the book, I thought I would read what I could. I read all that day, and many days following, and did not recall the incident of the headache until weeks afterwards. In the fourteen years since then I have had very few headaches, and never one of former severity. Any slight attacks I have been able to overcome by applying the truth of Christian Science.

Other physical ailments which I had at that time were gradually overcome by my own study of the textbook, and the next year (1909) I was able to take up teaching in high school. In the seven years that I taught I never missed a day from school on account of sickness. Since 1909 I have not had one sick day in bed, although before taking up the study of Christian Science I often spent a day in bed with pain. The beginning of the study of Christian Science was the turning point in my life, and since then the path has led upward.

In 1910 I went to a practitioner for treatment for an abscessed tooth. This error was not overcome at that time; so later a dentist removed the crown and filled the roots of the tooth, but he warned me that while the tooth might last a year, it was doomed, and nothing could save it for a longer time. I returned to the practitioner, and told her this, and asked for one treatment to destroy my belief in the dentist's verdict. The tooth has remained perfectly healed ever since. Several times the dentist has expressed astonishment at this.

Testimony of Healing
It is with the deepest gratitude that I send this testimony...
June 7, 1924

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