Hoping this may be of some encouragement and help...

Hoping this may be of some encouragement and help to others struggling to find the truth, I feel it my duty to tell what Christian Science has done for me.

I am a singer in a quartette. One night I had a sore throat, and my voice seemed strained and to be losing its quality. I thought of resting; but realizing that then the other members of the quartette must lie off also and lose their money, I decided to sing. It was impossible to sing well, and I finished with terrible effort, losing my voice completely. Under medical treatment it would have taken at least fifteen or twenty days of rest, medicine, and electric massage of the throat before I could have sung again; but I found a Christian Science practitioner who took the case, and by the help of God I was healed. In fact, twenty-four hours after losing my voice, I faced the audience again and sang naturally.

Testimony of Healing
I am glad through this testimony to express my gratitude...
June 7, 1924

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