If the statements regarding Christian Science teaching...

Eccles (England) Journal

If the statements regarding Christian Science teaching made by the critic were as he writes them, they would not only be repudiated by every other thoughtful man, but also by every Christian Scientist. To understand such sentences which speak of mortal mind, then of there being no mortal mind, because mind is immortal, would, of course, be impossible. But Mrs. Eddy, by using proper capitalization, is able to convey the true meaning, in so far as material language can express spiritual truth. For instance, when she speaks of immortal Mind, she capitalizes the word, and uses it as a synonym for God. In this infinite, divine Mind, which is omnipresent and all-inclusive, there is nothing but good. If, as Paul declares, "In him we live, and move, and have our being," then real existence must be spiritual, for God is Spirit; and this is what Christian Science teaches. Evil, disease, and death can no more exist in the divine Mind than darkness can exist in light. Now so-called mortal or material existence is included in what Mrs. Eddy has termed mortal mind, which mind Paul names carnal, and which he states in Romans is "enmity against God." This is the so-called mind in which seem to exist just such opposites as the critic mentions.

When he says, "In life as we know it," he refers to that which Christian Science terms mortal or material existence. This false state of existence does indeed include such opposites as pleasure and pain, sickness and health, good and evil, life and death. The experience of mortals makes it appear that evil is as real as, and can master, good; that disease is as real as, and can destroy, health; that death is as real as, and can destroy, life. The teaching that God has originated such a state of existence, and that he permits it to continue for some good purpose, has caused more agnosticism and atheism than anything else, for there could be no hope of salvation, if it were all in accord with the will of God. But Christian Science emphasizes the teaching of Scripture, and shows that eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil results in death.

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