"The fruit of the Spirit"

How prone people are to dwell in thought and words on the evils which seem to befall them. Long hours are consumed with the giving of and listening to accounts in great detail of the trials and troubles some one believes it is his misfortune to have. Many times the listener is impelled by the earnestness of the speaker into believing that there is indeed something wrong and that disaster is close, and he too becomes fearful.

Why is it that the topic of disaster of some kind or other seems to have such a grasp on the thinking of the ordinary individual? Perhaps because his fears have been held uppermost for so long that he does not stop to realize how much time and attention he is giving them. Such testimony regarding the state of man is always false, and must be met at once for what it is and refuted. Mrs. Eddy says in the textbook of Christian Science, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," page 396: "The refutation of the testimony of material sense is not a difficult task in view of the conceded falsity of this testimony. The refutation becomes arduous, not because the testimony of sin or disease is true, but solely on account of the tenacity of belief in its truth, due to the force of education and the overwhelming weight of opinions on the wrong side,—all teaching that the body suffers, as if matter could have sensation."

October 15, 1921

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