Firm Adherence to Truth

There is no more beautiful story in the Old Testament than that of the Shunammite woman whose little son had, to mortal sense, passed on, and who sought the prophet Elisha in her distress. In the Biblical account she is designated as a "great" woman. Evidently she was not great as the world counts greatness. It does not appear that she was wealthy or that she occupied any position of special prominence in the community, for it is intimated that her husband was a reaper. Her greatness apparently had no relation to worldly eminence, but consisted of that inestimably worthy attainment, the ability to discern the efficacy of spiritual power. A very brief acquaintance with the prophet led to the perception that he communed with God, and that through this communion he was able to utilize the divine power to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

The remarkable feature of the story is the reply of the woman to the servant of the prophet when he inquired, "Is it well with thee? is it well with thy husband? is it well with the child?" for her answer was, "It is well." To mortal sense the child was dead. The mother undoubtedly loved him with a true mother love, and yet she answered, "It is well." After several thousand years of progress there are multitudes to-day to whom the mother's statement is incomprehensible. To those, however, who have learned to recognize the imperishable nature of the real man, the statement is neither heartless nor untrue, but implies perception of the healing truth which enabled the mother to behold her son restored to life.

"The fruit of the Spirit"
October 15, 1921

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