A Lesson from the Forest Reserve

In the recent days of stress and anxiety the attention of the Christian Scientist and in fact of every Christian was called again and again to the thought of protection,—protection in battle, on the seas, in the air, and even in the quiet fastnesses of the home, protection from the various phases of evil, which at times have seemed almost overwhelming. Never before has humanity been so awake to the need of something higher, outside and above itself, to appeal to for safety and comfort. To the lay mind this sur turning has been surprising and a bit disconcerting, and a great struggle to meet this desire is going on, but the Christian Scientist knows it is a marvelous spiritual awakening, which, if rightly directed, can revolutionize the thought of the whole world.

Although during the conflict I had no near relatives serving in the battle zone, from the first the mental side of the struggle claimed attention. I knew it was my duty constantly to work and pray for the protection and victory of those serving, and I am particularly grateful for an experience through which I passed shortly after the United States entered the war, and which, helping me to know how lovingly God stands ready to protect and save from any trouble which may assail, gave my work for others a surer foundation.

September 20, 1919

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