Nearly ten years have passed since I experienced the...

Nearly ten years have passed since I experienced the first of many blessings from the application of this Christ-teaching. In the summer I had injured my right side severely by overlifting, and five doctors treated me at various times. All disagreed as to the exact nature of the injury, but were of the opinion that it was a displacement in the intestine and that a good rest and little exertion on my part would be necessary; consequently my plans for going away to school were abandoned for a time.

For months I was under medical care, following the physician's advice most carefully, but the pain did not lessen; indeed, by January the mere lifting of an iron caused so much agony that I did practically nothing about the house. Later on, worry about my condition brought on stomach trouble of a distressing nature, and headaches from which I suffered so that I was obliged to give up reading and writing. By the following summer I was in a most unenviable frame of mind. While I did not think that my case was fatal, yet I did see long years of invalidism staring me in the face, and this was most discouraging as I had always been an unusually active, high-spirited girl. I knew in a limited way of a number of healing through Christian Science, but up to that time had not been especially interested; however, having been in the care of physicians for a year without any improvement I saw that it was time for a change of some sort, so attended a Wednesday evening testimony meeting to find out something about this teaching. After hearing testimonies from people whose reputation in business and civic life was unquestioned, I began to feel that there must be something in such a religion, so the study of Science and Health was begun at once.

Testimony of Healing
With deep gratitude I give this testimony to the healing...
February 8, 1919

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