In one of the "Four Minute Sermons by Prominent...

Tacoma (Wash.) Ledger

In one of the "Four Minute Sermons by Prominent Clergymen of Tacoma," which covered an entire page of the Ledger, it was a surprise and disappointment to find a discordant note. With this exception all these sermonets were of a high order and represented the noblest though of each denomination, undoubtedly bringing to the many readers much spiritual comfort denied them by the closing of the churches. One hardly expects to find on such a page an unfriendly or intolerant word, and it is more than likely also that a paper so desirous of serving the public in an unselfish way as to offer representation to every denomination for an expression of its faith, scarcely expects this to offer an occasion for one denomination to rap another. This is exactly what occurred, however, in one article in which the writer says, "The word of God warns us that divine healing will be opposed by diabolical counterfeits; among these are Christian Science (falsely so called), trance evangelism, etc."

Now if the reader read this page from first to last, as many no doubt did, he fortunately read the article reprinted from The Christian Science Monitor previous to reading the above words. In this article he found nothing "diabolical" (a very strong word, indeed), but he did find that which is characteristic of all Christian Science teaching and literature,—an abounding spirit of love and an expression of fullest confidence in God's power to free mankind from sin, disease, and death. Paul says: "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance." Anyone who has carefully observed the effects of Christian Science teaching and belief on the individual, the home, and the community, will readily agree that it bears the fruit of the Spirit. This fact alone must account for the phenomenal growth of the movement; for by no stretch of the imagination could one be led to believe that so large a body of intelligent people could be deceived by a "diabolical counterfeit."

Extracts from Letters
February 8, 1919

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