With joy I give this testimony, having been healed of...

With joy I give this testimony, having been healed of many discords, both physical and mental. Before understanding what Christian Science is I regarded its teachings with suspicion. Public opinion had woefully misinformed me concerning it; however, I had to confess that Christian Scientists were very intelligent, sober, industrious, and about their own business, letting other people's affairs alone. It never occurred to me to investigate their religion for myself. I seemed to have it settled in my own mind that Christian Scientists were just lovely people in spite of their queer religion. I know to-day why they are so devoted to their cause—they have a beautiful religion, and they love it and live it seven days of the week.

I became interested in Christian Science on account of my eyes, which were very weak and sore. A noted specialist had informed me they would never get well; that I would have to wear heavy glasses all my life and might lose my sight if I did not give my eyes the very best of care. As it seemed necessary to use them a great deal, this verdict discouraged me so completely that I lost all faith in the doctor, so one day I told my troubles to a very dear friend, and she asked me why I did not try Christian Science. I replied that it could not do me any good because I had no faith in its teachings. One Wednesday evening, however, she invited me to go to the testimony meeting with her, and just to please her I went, wondering what kind of gathering it would be. I expected to find only a few elderly people there, but to my surprise the church was crowded. That very evening some one who had been healed of a trouble like mine gave a testimony, and the words fell like gentle rain on a desert place. I left the church with a burden lifted, eager to know more of this wonderful religion which heals as well as saves. I had gone to the church expecting to see some strange ceremonies, but I learned that Christian Scientists were teaching and practicing the simple religion which Christ Jesus taught. This was surely a revelation to me, as I had been taught and had always believed that the days of miracles were past.

Testimony of Healing
I first became interested in Christian Science three years...
February 8, 1919

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