One of the beautiful features of Christian Science is simplicity,...

The Christian Science Monitor

One of the beautiful features of Christian Science is simplicity, yet some persons are inclined to believe that it is tremendously complicated. This mistaken view leads them to think that what is known as Christian Science treatment cannot be undertaken safely by the neophyte, but the fact is that treatment in Christian Science is simplicity itself. It is as simple and unlabored as the action of light displacing darkness. It is, in fact, Truth appearing and error disappearing. It involves nothing more difficult than knowing that which is true and un-knowing that which is false.

Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, says, "Christian scientific practice begins with Christ's keynote of harmony, 'Be not afraid!'" (Science and Health, p. 410.) The Christian Science practitioner may find that his first work is to overcome fear in himself before he can help the one who is called his patient. He may have to know that he cannot be made to fear. To do this he needs only to understand that fear is never about anything real. That God, divine Love, who made all that was made, never made anything man could fear, and that there is, therefore, nothing in the whole universe of God, Love, of which man is afraid. There is, in reality, no fear of sin, disease, or death, because they do not exist in the living, conscious universe of Mind.

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