"Physician, heal thyself"

Occasionally students of Christian Science are called upon for treatment before they have themselves received complete healing. In such instances these words are recalled: "Physician, heal thyself." The writer had such an experience. He knew that others received their healing very quickly, but his own freedom was still unrealized. Upon analyzing the situation after a few years had elapsed, it became apparent that treatment for others, besides being a denial of the error, had always been a positive declaration of the truth about the creator, God, and His creation—man, including the universe.

Sometimes the problems of others are recognized as unreal, while one's own problem appears to be real. This accounts for such experiences as that referred to above. When declaring the truth for one's self many useless arguments may be employed because they mostly refer to a supposed physical creation and a physical condition, or are an attempt to spiritualize matter. When the truth is declared for others it seems easier to see the error as an unreality of material belief. What is needed to effect the healing is a realization of what is written on page 10 of "Rudimental Divine Science" by Mrs. Eddy: "His law of Truth, when obeyed, removes every erroneous physical and mental state. The belief that matter can master Mind, and make you ill, is an error which Truth will destroy." In the proportion that Truth is understood perfection appears, revealing man in God's likeness, the image of Love. It is futile to attempt to see this through the physical senses, as infinity can be only spiritually discerned. Man's rich endowment is dominion, harmony, and immortality.

February 1, 1919

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