Exact Expression of Truth

The close relation between accurate, that is, scientific thought and demonstration of the truth calls for continual recognition. Inexact, imperfect, and confused thought is incapable of enlightening and edifying expression, and moreover it indicates blurred vision, and blurred vision is mental and spiritual darkness, wherein it is impossible to see clearly or to reason logically. The clarity of spiritual thought, evidenced as it is in felicitous expression in all our Leader's writings, not only is one of their most charming features, but attests her remarkable grasp of spiritual truth. Were it otherwise she would have failed to reach those mental heights where she perceived the infinitude of Mind and its manifestation, and would never have proved in her own experience the validity of those fundamental postulates and scientific deductions that are the very alpha and omega of Christian Science.

It is quite evident that in an early stage of her search for a scientific basis of divine healing, Mrs. Eddy was animated by a profound conviction that God is always bearing witness of Himself to His children, and that His appeal to them is the unchanging and constant outgoing of His love and grace. What that meant to our Leader is precisely what it means to us when rightly understood. It is that the gracious influence of divine Truth and Love, operating in a consciousness which is hungering to be released from the bondage of sinful sense, cleanses and purifies the mentality, sweeping away the cobwebs of traditional and inherited sense illusions and false theology, thus leading to that path of true progress where each one is engaged continuously in the fruitful service of "bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ."

God's Man
February 1, 1919

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