Healing through Truth

TO some people Christian Science healing comes instantaneously, to others it seems slow; but the process is the same with all. Healing always comes when false beliefs are replaced by right ideas, when mental reconstruction has been accomplished. Mrs. Eddy plainly tells us that the cause of all disease is either fear, sin, or ignorance; therefore when fear, sin, and ignorance are removed through Truth, healing must inevitably take place. In instantaneous healing the lowering clouds of fearful, sinful, and ignorant thinking are cleared away at once by the resplendent light of Truth's appearing. In other cases it seems to take longer to dispel the erroneous mental state, but the mists must eventually disappear, because God is good and the only power. It is quite evident that health, happiness, and harmony, yes, the kingdom of heaven, must come into every person's experience just in the proportion that right thoughts based upon Truth constitute his thinking.

Jesus declared, "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," and he proved all that he said by his wonderful works of healing. He constantly expressed the truth in word and in deed. Because he was a clear transparency for the light of divine Truth, only pure, righteous, and loving thoughts were entertained by Jesus. He clearly understood the truth, even though he did not directly answer Pilate's question, "What is truth?" Mrs. Eddy has given to us the clear, scientific definition and explanation of Truth. We learn in Christian Science that Truth is God, the infinite, omniscient Mind, whence proceeds only that which is good, real, and eternal. The opposite of Truth or the absence of Truth must be nonexistence, or a lie. Error, matter, sin, sickness, death, all evil, all discord, all imperfections, are simply false beliefs, illusions,—which seem to be, but really are not. Truth is divine Principle, Spirit, Life, Soul, perfect Love. Truth's expression or idea is the real man, defined in Genesis as God's image and likeness.

October 25, 1919

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