Seeking the Light

Upon one occasion, while exploring a partially darkened cellar, I observed a quantity of potatoes which had sprouted, and my attention became focused on a long sprout which had entered a fissure in the cellar wall. On investigation I perceived that it had pushed its way through the narrow aperture to the light outside, and on the tip were little leaflets unfolded. I could not help but be impressed by this evidence of the tremendous vitality of all that expresses life, and its tendency to dislike darkness and pursue light. Thus human sense is drawn by divine Mind to seek for and to find a loophole of escape. In the case of the potato vine, as soon as the encompassing walls were left behind and air and sunshine reached, the pale leaflets started,—an indication that no manifestation of life can be suppressed by so-called false environment.

Since I became interested in Christian Science, this incident has been vividly recalled, and the lesson conveyed has become a valuable and significant one. The seemingly inert tuber, reflecting life, could not be satisfied with an unnatural position and surroundings, or remain inactive. Movement must be manifested, and the new growth crept day by day along a difficult path to the fissure in the cellar wall. Without fear or hesitation it entered the tunnel in the hard stone and crept on through a winding passage, seeking the light of day.

Good Literature
November 4, 1916

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