Over eleven years ago I was sick, and had been for six...

Over eleven years ago I was sick, and had been for six months, not having one night's sleep during this time. I knew nothing about Christian Science then, but was told by a friend that I could be cured. I had suffered for so long that I was willing to try this healing truth, having proved medicine could not make me well; so my friend went with me to a practitioner. After the first treatment I slept all night and was free from pain. It was several months, however, before the bowel trouble was entirely healed. Then too my eyesight was restored, although at one time it seemed as if it were gone. The practitioner gave me a copy of our text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and told me to read it every day. On telling her I would like to do so, but could not distinguish one letter from another, and my eyes hurt me all the time, she lovingly said, "You can see;" and indeed this was proved to me. It was not a great while before I read Science and Health through, my sight having been gradually restored. Even that healing alone is something for which to be grateful always.

There have been many beautiful demonstrations since then, one instance being in connection with blood-poisoning. I tried to overcome this by reading the text-book, but at the end of a week was still in a very serious condition. My entire body was so stiff that I could scarcely move or dress myself without help, and all who saw me were much alarmed. I asked for Christian Science treatment, and the practitioner came to me for several days; then, as I improved, she asked me to come to her home. With help I was dressed, and my mother assisted me out of the house and down the steps. On starting to walk, it was only with difficulty that I kept on my way, and when I got to the home of the practitioner it was all I could do to get up the steps, being almost exhausted. After having treatment I felt well, and in two weeks was completely healed. Another beautiful healing was that of a severe pain in my right side, with a swelling so pronounced that I could not wear my clothes. I again called for help in Christian Science, and was relieved of this trouble in a short time.

Testimony of Healing
I gratefully join others in telling of how I was led to the...
September 4, 1915

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