It is with a heart full of gratitude that I send this testimony...

It is with a heart full of gratitude that I send this testimony of what Christian Science has done for me. It has changed a life of ill health and misery to one of peace and joy. More than twelve years have passed since Christian Science was first offered to me; but at that time I would have none of it, though, like many another, glad to turn to it when all else had failed.

I was suffering from a severe form of stomach disorder and had lived for more than a year almost entirely on liquids, so that I was starving for a good meal. Then too I had been in a hospital having treatment under four different medical men, but instead of getting better was gradually becoming worse. After all this suffering I was told that I must either submit to a severe operation, from which there was little hope of recovery, or a malignant growth of the stomach would probably result. I tremble to think of what might have been the consequences if Christian Science had not set me free. I went to the Christian Science church to hear the testimonies, but without any faith in this religion. Though every person there was strange to me, I was led to speak to a practitioner, who was able to set me right at once. After talking with her I put aside all my medicine and began to eat anything I fancied without suffering any ill effects. Then after a week's treatment one of the worst symptoms of my complaint disappeared never to return, and as I have gained understanding my healing has progressed.

Testimony of Healing
Over eleven years ago I was sick, and had been for six...
September 4, 1915

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