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In submitting the following account regarding my severe...

In submitting the following account regarding my severe illness, and subsequent recovery through Christian Science, I would like to say that I am ready to subscribe to any of my statements and willing to give more specific information if so desired. My case was one of gout in the severest form. As my father had suffered greatly with this trouble, the physicians under whose care I put myself repeatedly declared that in view of the seriousness of the affliction, which was a hereditary one, I had little chance of complete recovery. The first severe attack, which kept me in bed for about three weeks, occurred around 1884, and from then on, at intervals of longer or shorter duration, I had increasingly severe attacks. In 1900 I was laid up for three months, suffering intensely, and during almost the entire time could not move a limb and had to be fed, and lifted from one bed to another. As soon as I was able to be moved, I was taken away, and during the following ten years, when I was not laid up at home, I visited sanitariums, watering—places, and health resorts for weeks and months every year. During the period intervening between the first attack and the year 1910 I was successively under the care of about thirty physicians, and in my endeavor to get rid my trouble I tried practically every means known to materia medica.

While the physicians' endeavors remained unsuccessful, I cannot but acknowledge their zeal and devotion. The last physician once more informed me that the trouble was hereditary and that medical treatment could not heal me, though it might make life more tolerable. He added that I should take opiates to lessen the pain and enable me to sleep. This physician has since passed on, but the accuracy of the above statement may be corroborated by pricy Counselor Gaede of the Supreme Court, in Hamm i.W.

Toward the end of 1910 I broke down completely. My son—in—law, who is a physician in Essen, told my wife that I could not last much longer. A few weeks previous to this an aunt of mine had written my wife that we should give Christian Science a trial, if medical help proved of no avail. She also sent a copy of Der Herold der Christian Science which contained a testimony relative to the healing of a severe case of gout. Although my wife did not grasp the thought of Christian Science, not having the slightest knowledge of the subject, her feeling of distress caused her to hand me the periodical. For thirty years I had believed myself to be a materialist and atheist, hence an "enlightened person." The copy of the Herold therefore flew from my bed across the room, for at that time I considered it beneath me to try to investigate such queer theories concerning God. The aforementioned lady, though not a member of the Christian Science church, did not allow herself to become discouraged by my wife's declinatory answer, but in her desire to help she continued her endeavors, and finally interested my second little daughter, who was staying near her at the time. The latter then wrote to her mother that even though she did not believe in Christian Science, she should let me come to Hannover for her (my daughter's) sake; that I could not possibly come to harm by giving Christian Science a trial. I fully subscribed to the latter remark, though I added that it was just as impossible that I should be benefited.

December 18, 1915

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