That public interest in Christian Science is increasing daily,...

The Spectator

That public interest in Christian Science is increasing daily, is proved by the fact that while a year or so ago one lecture sufficed to satisfy the curiosity of all the people who desired to learn of this religious movement, it is now necessary for the speakers to give three lectures. Clarence W. Chadwick, a very able and interesting expounder of the doctrines of Christian Science, delivered three lectures to crowds that on each occasion quite filled First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Christian Science has a peculiar appeal for the people, and its influence is spreading to every corner of the country. It seems to be a religion that satisfies the intellectual and spiritual longings of its followers. And, too, those who believe in it aver its efficacy as a guard against and remover of physical ailment. So far as the mere onlooker knows, it does this. But probably Christian Science is so rapidly gaining converts because of the mental exaltation enjoyed by its followers. The professors of the faith are a very cheerful lot of people, who have the ineffable happiness of thinking that they do not have to die to enjoy the delights of heaven. Some of us never permit ourselves fully to taste the happiness that we have here, through fear that it might spoil us for the joys we expect hereafter. The Christian Scientist seems to take a different view of the matter; he thinks that earth should be made as much like heaven as possible. There is bound to be a good deal of sunshine in a religion whose followers are determined to make this life all that we hope eternity may prove to be.

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