The Rev. Mr.—, according to a report of his recent...

The Peru (Ind.) Republican

The Rev. Mr.—, according to a report of his recent sermon, made unflattering reference to Christian Science. Conceding then that he has nothing against Christian Scientists, he declares, "But I have something to say against Christian Science." He then answers in the affirmative the question as to whether Christian Science heals, but declares that he does not for that reason have to accept Christian Science as a religion. Our Lord in founding primitive Christianity, which in the last analysis is what Christian Scientists are but trying to emulate and again practise, declared that in all ages the healing of the sick through spiritual means should in large part be the criterion for true discipleship.

The results of Christ Jesus' own ministry were very largely his healings, and in his destruction of sickness and death, as well as sin, he certainly set the invincible stamp of divine disapproval thereon, for he said significantly, "I do always those things that please him [the Father]," and "My Father worketh hitherto, and I work." Furthermore, while thus engaged in this general ministry of healing, our Master insisted that he was about his "Father's business." His specific command to his followers in all ages, included instructions to heal as well as to preach. Indeed, the preponderance of healing recounted in the gospels would seem to refute our critic's logic to the effect that a "sick body" is in any sense conducive to salvation, or that it is in any sense a criterion of sanctity.

Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, noting this preponderance of healing in the ministry of our Lord, and reasonably appreciating that he came into the world that the world might be saved, insisted that our Lord's healing and his preaching must be reconciled. She maintained that his healing was the inevitable result of his teaching. In other words, she reasoned that to "know the truth" as Jesus knew it and practised it, would heal in the process of regeneration, or that healing was a part, and a necessary part, of the work of redemption. Christian Science is, therefore, primarily and preeminently a system of spiritual Scriptural interpretation calculated to effect a full salvation, and it but incidentally, though necessarily, heals the sick.

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November 28, 1914

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