In a recent issue is a statement regarding Christian Science...

Pitman's Journal

In a recent issue is a statement regarding Christian Science made in the article under the heading "How to Get On." Will you allow me to say that I entirely agree with the statement that "self-hypnotism ... has no admitted religious basis." On the other hand, I would like to say most emphatically that Christian Science has nothing whatever to do with hypnotism or any system engaged in the manipulation of the human or mortal mind. It is impossible in the space of a short letter to say much on the subject of the practice of Christian Science, but the great difference between Christian Science and any other system is, that the Christian Science practitioner is successful only to the extent that he is willing to let that same Mind be in him "which was also in Christ Jesus."

The Founder of Christianity declared that the knowledge of truth would make men free, and he proved the truth, or as he declared, fulfilled the law of God, by healing sickness and destroying sin and discord; thus proving that they were not part of reality, or the perfect creation of God. In order to accomplish healing in this way there is no need to deal with the human or mortal mind, which Paul referred to as "enmity against God." Just so long as mankind continues to accept the belief in the power or reality of both good and evil, will he be dealing with what Jesus referred to as a house divided against itself, which cannot stand.

The corner-stone in the structure of Christian Science is the understanding of the omnipotence of God, good; and just as soon as the student is willing to understand that the "great First Cause" or creator, infinite good, Spirit, never created evil or even permitted it, will he begin to see that the general belief in evil and discord need not be accepted. If sin, suffering, and death had been in accordance with the law of God, Christ Jesus would scarcely have interfered with them. Again, since he proved that they were not true, and said so emphatically that those who understood his teaching would do the works he did, it is surely the duty of all Christians to apply that teaching, which they profess to accept, in the way so clearly demonstrated by Jesus Christ and his disciples. In doing this it would be impossible to adopt anything in the nature of hypnotism or the control or manipulation of the human mind. Through the study and practice of Christian Science the student gains greater freedom, a clearer sense of the omnipotence of good, and consequently is less afraid of evil and is the more easily able to get rid of the belief in it.

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November 28, 1914

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