If my expression of thanks will help any other pilgrim...

If my expression of thanks will help any other pilgrim on his way, I shall indeed be glad, and I am happy to express something of what I feel toward this regenerating truth. So, accepting Longfellow's advice. "Give what you have; to some it may be better than you dare think," I am impelled to speak of some of the benefits that have come to me since five years ago, when I began, carefully and without prejudice, to study Christian Science. The three members of my family attended its services, and I had the alternative of going with them or remaining at home alone. I will say frankly that this was my only motive for going, and just as frankly do I say that at the first few Wednesday evening services I did nothing but scoff at what I heard, and I wondered if the people who testified really believed what they said. By degrees, however, so omnipotent is Love, I began to grasp something of this saving truth, and instead of going to the service to scoff I gave earnest heed. From that stage to the beginning of the study of Christian Science was but a step, and the result was inevitable; I accepted unequivocally its teaching and have indeed found it to be the law of Life to humanity.

Various physical ills have been healed by the treatment of a practitioner, but it was alone through the understanding which came from the reading of Science and Health that I was enabled to lay aside glasses which I had worn for nine years and which the oculist said I would always have to wear, as he had pronounced mine an unusually serious case of defective vision. It is now over three years since I discarded the glasses, though my work as a church reader and in other vocations calls for considerable use of my eyes.

Testimony of Healing
In the year 1893 I visited the World's fair in Chicago...
February 10, 1912

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