Christian Science came into my life over four years ago

Christian Science came into my life over four years ago. I had been suffering from stomach troubles for more than a year, had consulted several doctors, had taken all the medicine which they had prescribed, and had followed all the advice given me. The last doctor advised me to go to a hospital for a thorough examination, and an operation if necessary. After a two-weeks stay at the hospital I was sent home to try the effect of rest-cure, dieting, and some more medicine: but my state of health grew continually worse, and I soon found myself in a perfectly helpless condition. I commenced to lose all faith in material means, as it seemed to me that they were only experiments.

I had read of Christian Science, but was at that time very antagonistic to everything in religion. I never could understand the orthodox Christianity, and the Bible was a closed book to me. I had little or no hope that anything in the line of religion could help me, but I wanted to get well, and as it did not seem that Christian Science could do me any harm, a practitioner was called to the house, and I found out that its teaching was something entirely different from what I had thought it to be. At the first treatment I realized that I had found the truth of being, and that the understanding of this Science would make me a well man again. Within a week I was back at my work, and have never lost any time on account of illness since then. After the first visit of the practitioner I ate everything I liked without its making me ill. The road has been rough at times, especially at first;. but I have found out that if we only trust in God, as taught in Christian Science, divine Love will always take care of us.

February 10, 1912

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