I would like to express my gratitude for Christian Science...

I would like to express my gratitude for Christian Science by telling through the channel of our literature something of the light which has come to me through the study of this wonderful truth. I did not come to Christian Science for the healing of any so-called incurable disease, but for the reason that I was ill at ease and so disturbed mentally with questions that perplexed and annoyed me, that I became very nervous and greatly troubled with sleeplessness. My parents were God-fearing people, my father having been for years a church deacon. In childhood I was happy and content, but when I grew older I tried to reason things out, tried to reconcile a God of love with one who knew and permitted such dire suffering and calamity. My heart rebelled against this teaching, and heart-hungry I cried out for a religion I could understand and which would give me some peace of mind.

A friend loaned me a copy of Science and Health, and when I had read the first page of the Preface I seemed to know that I had found the truth for which I had so long been looking. I commenced a thorough study of the book, and enough of its grand teaching was understood by me to convince me of the truths it contained, and in this study I was healed of both the nervous trouble and of the sleeplessness. Some few years before I knew of Christian Science, I was taken ill very suddenly with inflammation of the bladder, and for five weeks was confined to my bed with most acute suffering. I shall never forget the kindness of our family physician, who came two and three times a day to see me, so one can judge how ill he thought me to be. Some time after I came to Christian Science, while out riding one afternoon, I was just as suddenly attacked with this same trouble. I immediately tried to realize the truth for myself, but it seemed as if I never could get home, the suffering was so intense. I however kept steadily at work, and when I did reach home I commenced to read in Science and Health. In a few hours I retired and slept well through the night, and the next clay fully realized that the error had been overcome and that I was healed. I have never had a return of this trouble.

Testimony of Healing
I suppose that each student of Christian Science finds it...
February 10, 1912

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