I have long desired to give a written statement of the...

I have long desired to give a written statement of the benefits which I have received through Christian Science; but they are so great and so numerous that no words of mine can fully describe them. For many years I was a constant sufferer from an acute stomach difficulty, bowel trouble accompanied by hemorrhages, rheumatism, and fainting spells; in fact, there seemed to be no end to my numerous ailments. About six years ago I was stricken with paralysis in my right side. This affected not only my limbs, but my speech and mentality. My husband consulted first one doctor and then another, and spent every dollar that he could afford on the treatments which they advised. This continued for four years; and by that time symptoms of locomotor ataxia had developed. My condition was so wretched that I contemplated ending my life.

I had been brought up among religious surroundings, and had been compelled, when a child, to memorize a good deal of the Bible; but I never had any love for religion, and for many years had been a confirmed agnostic. I had heard occasional mention of Christian Science, but regarded it as not worth thinking of. But in August of 1908, when I had reached the very depths of misery, a young girl in Chicago told me what Christian Science had done for her mother, and advised me to go to one of the reading-rooms in that city and find out what Christian Science is.

Testimony of Healing
It is with great pleasure that I write this testimony, but...
February 10, 1912

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