The following testimony is given in grateful recognition...

The following testimony is given in grateful recognition of what Christian Science has done and is doing for the writer every day, and in the hope that it may prove a message of hope and encouragement to some one in need of healing. When Christian Science was presented to me, about six years ago, I had given up all hope of ever regaining health and happiness in this world. I had been a constant sufferer for fifteen years with the most severe form of stomach and bowel trouble, and was slowly starving to death, and although a man of large frame, my weight at that time was greatly reduced. I had tried many physicians and almost every school of medicine, only to be told again and again that there was no permanent cure for me, and was finally sent in search of health-giving climates, which brought me to California, only to find that climate had no cure for my many ailments.

About that time my troubles developed into what was called ulceration of the entire digestive system, also later a severe form of kidney trouble, as well as a serious nervous condition, coupled with sleeplessness and despondency. For several years I lived in constant fear of losing my reason, and through the intense suffering with its accompanying frequent use of narcotics, I formed the drug habit without really being aware of it, thereby adding to my burdens instead of lessening them. When Christian Science found me, I had not slept a night for years without the use of drugs, and my condition both physical and mental cannot be described. It appealed to me from the start as a beautiful religion, but I could not believe in its healing power as applying to my own case. After some study I, however, became willing to try it, but the fear was so great that I could not let go of the drugs for some time, and consequently made very little headway; but with the faithful help of a practitioner I was finally enabled to take my stand and throw away all drugs, and from that hour my healing, although very slow, was assured. After something over a year I had not only been healed of the greater troubles, but all the minor ailments (for which I had taken no treatments) had completely left me, proving that Truth makes a new creature, in whom "old things have passed away," and today I rejoice in perfect health.

Testimony of Healing
For over twenty-five years I had suffered from an internal...
November 23, 1912

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