For over twenty-five years I had suffered from an internal...

For over twenty-five years I had suffered from an internal trouble, which was said to have been caused by a fall in childhood. Several doctors had done their utmost from time to time to relieve the pain, which was almost incessant; but they all agreed that an operation was necessary. About ten years ago I underwent that operation, with the full assurance of friends and doctors that it would end the suffering. I was told that the operation was successful, but when I began to go about again, I became conscious of another and even worse pain, which became so intense that often I was incapable of walking, and once or twice opiates were resorted to for relief.

Our doctor did what he could for me, and finally urged another operation. A London specialist diagnosed the cause of the pain as a fibrous growth, which would probably increase in size and would eventually have to be removed through an operation. I still possess that written diagnosis! An American physician advised me to try treatment of a certain kind before yielding to the surgeon's knife, which treatment I tried for five or six years, and while it gave me considerable relief, it did not remove the growth, and I could not leave off the treatment for any length of time without a return of the pain.

Testimony of Healing
Having put aside all orthodox beliefs as of no use, as...
November 23, 1912

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