The central idea around which Christian Science works...

Charleston (S. C.) Post

The central idea around which Christian Science works is the teaching of Christianity's Founder, God is Spirit. It does not rest, however, with the acceptance of this fact, but presses on to prove it by so educating and spiritualizing human thought that matter with its evils—sin and suffering—is gradually relegated to its rightful place in the realm of illusion, and, lo! the sick man becomes a well man; the sinner is reformed. There is nothing "mystical" in this; nothing obscure. It is knowing the truth, and being free.

As to the "function" of Christian Science, the text-book speaks for itself. It says on page 150, "The mission of Christian Science now, as in the time of its earlier demonstration, is not primarily one of physical healing. Now, as then, signs and wonders are wrought in the metaphysical healing of physical disease; but these signs are only to demonstrate its divine origin—to attest the reality of the higher mission of the Christ-power to "take away the sins of the world." Is a teaching "insignificant" that is daily accomplishing this work? Mrs. Eddy was no "mystery," except in the sense that every student of the deep things must withdraw from the world. She consistently applied her teaching to her own life: "Christian Science is not an exception to the general rule, that there is no excellence without labor in a direct line. One cannot scatter his fire, and at the same time hit the mark. To pursue other vocations and advance rapidly in the demonstration of this Science, is not possible" (Science and Health, p. 457). Unnumbered thousands of the present generation rise up and call her blessed.

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