While appreciating the kindly tone of the editorial commenting...

Hood River (Ore.) News

While appreciating the kindly tone of the editorial commenting on Christian Science, there are a few references that might make it less easy for your readers to approach the study of this subject, which you will not mind having pointed out.

Christian Science is the name given to an exposition of religious teaching by Mary Baker Eddy. As you say, the ideas advanced are not new. This is because they are to be found in the Bible, if the teachings thereof are spiritually and scientifically discerned. Mrs. Eddy's work tends to promote this, and consequently makes the truth contained therein more available today as a means for abolishing evil. The words and works of Christ Jesus are better understood, and thus become more potent in bringing a greater and more enduring experience in good to every earnest seeker.

Inasmuch as Jesus declared, "The Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works," and also taught reliance upon spiritual rather than material means, it is easily recognized that "the Father" means infinite Spirit, or divine Mind. The expression of this Mind is therefore divine, and it was the presence of this truth in him that constituted the divinity of Christ Jesus. This the Christian Scientist believes in, and therefore is not to be properly charged with repudiating the divinity of Christ, as you infer. As to the circumstances of Jesus' birth, Mrs. Eddy says on page 70 of "Retrospection and Introspection": "We do not question the authenticity of the Scriptural narrative of the Virgin-mother and Bethlehem babe, and the Messianic mission of Christ Jesus."

December 23, 1911

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