[Translated from the German.]

Two and a half years ago I was led through divine Providence...

Two and a half years ago I was led through divine Providence to Christian Science. Three years ago my little daughter, while on a visit with her grandparents, slipped while running out of doors, and in falling apparently injured her hip severely. She complained of pain and had to stay in bed. We immediately took the child home, and a physician in good standing (who is also the head of a local hospital) was consulted. An X-ray examination of both the leg and hip was made, but it seemed impossible to locate the injury. The physician said that the diseased leg must be taken great care of, and advised much fresh air. Here I would like to mention that my little daughter limped very much, and in walking would fall on her side.

Things went on this way for fully nine weeks, the child being in bed during the forenoon daily. One day she made a false step, and falling on the diseased limb was unable to rise from the floor. We carried her to bed amid agonizing cries, and she lay there a long time, unable to move. A gentleman with whom we were acquainted then gave me the address of a skilful specialist, who had my child taken to his clinique, where she lay for four weeks with the leg extended, it having, as he said, become shorter than the other; but six weeks later the child was dismissed with no hope of the limb ever becoming normal. The child was by nature very cheerful, but she became weighed down by this sad prospect. I then said to her that we should pray to God to heal her limb—that nothing is impossible with Him; and I believe the child clung to this thought. After she again became able to go without crutches, although limping considerably, I called once more upon a well-known professor at Heidelberg. He told me at one glance that it was a case of fracture, and that every penny I might spend for a cure would be in vain. Later on I had another examination of the hip made at the Frankfort city hospital, and this time it clearly became apparent that it was an injury of long standing.

December 23, 1911

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