On page 323 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy makes the following statement: "If 'faithful over a few things,' we shall be made rulers over many; but the one unused talent decays and is lost." This statement is deserving of the most serious consideration from every earnest Christian Scientist who is striving for progress, because therein is clearly shown the reason for the seeming lack of progress which disheartens so many.

It is doubtless the desire of every Scientist that he may be a messenger of healing to at least a few of the many sick and sorry folk whom he sees on every side, and perhaps he feels grieved and unhappy that his help is not sought for at once. If this be the case, let him ask himself if he has been "faithful over a few things;" that is, if he has really done thoroughly and conscientiously every bit of work which is legitimately his. It may be that he is manifesting some physical discord which is not particularly serious, humanly speaking, and which therefore he has endeavored to overcome only in a desultory, half-hearted manner. Possibly he is in bondage to a sense of limited or insufficient financial supply, or it may be that there is inharmony in his home or in his business surroundings. May not just as much experience in the practical application of the truth be gained in destroying these errors in himself as in another? Every day, yes, every hour brings opportunities for the solving of problems of every nature through the application of Principle, and there is no excuse for idle moments.

December 16, 1911

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