In watching the development of children at the piano, one learns many valuable lessons. For instance, every musician knows that the scale is a repetition of seven tones, but in learning to place the notes in either the G or F clef the beginner sees at once that though there are many octaves containing A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, yet each note has its own individual place as regards position in each clef and does not infringe upon nor supplant any other note. Governed by laws of harmony, each fills its own place.

So, too, the beginner in Christian Science is learning to demonstrate that, since man is the perfect idea of God, infinite Mind, he is in his individual place, doing his individual work, rightly governed by God's law, and that a clear perception of this fact will eliminate any thought of envy, jealousy, or malice; it will dissipate the fear that anybody or anything can deprive the child of God of what is rightfully his. He who is thus governed by God's law of harmony is striving daily to put out of his consciousness all that would seem to make discord, and is therefore manifesting more clearly each day his own true place in the infinite scale of being.

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