It has been my desire for some time to testify to the...

It has been my desire for some time to testify to the great benefits which have come to me in Christian Science. This great truth was presented to me in the early part of June, 1909, at a time when the best of medical skill had failed to relieve my suffering. There seemed to be nothing that would give me even temporary relief, to say nothing of a permanent cure; in fact, I was told by a number of the best physicians that they feared my time would be short on this earth. But the understanding which has come to me through the study of the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, has reversed these decisions, for I am thoroughly healed, and my health is now better than it has ever been.

My case was one of seventeen years' standing. At the age of thirteen I was taken with a pain in my right side, and after our home doctor was given a fair trial without much improvement, my father decided to take me to a hospital where the best of physicians could be had. After a thorough examination they advised my father to let me remain for two weeks and take treatment, and this he consented to; but after two weeks they telegraphed to him to come, and upon his arrival he was told that the only thing for me was a surgical operation. To this he consented, and I was operated upon the following day. I recovered from this operation in due time, but was told that I must be very careful for at least one year. I believed that I might get entirely well, but as time went on I found myself again suffering from the same trouble, only worse.

When I was fifteen years of age I again sought relief at the hospital, and again I submitted to an operation, but with the same unsatisfactory results. After giving the physicians at the hospital a long and fair trial, I turned away, satisfied that they could not cure me. I then tried nearly every remedy I could hear about which promised to cure such cases as mine, but no cure followed any of these long trials. I then tried specialists in the various eastern cities, spending in this way a great deal of money, but still no cure. Finally I became discouraged with medicine, and tried several drugless systems without gaining the desired result. After having given these methods fair trial without much relief, I again turned to materia medica for help. I was examined by about six different physicians, all of whom I knew personally, and each one expressed different views as to my ailment, also different methods which might relieve me. I finally concluded to follow the advice of one of these, a surgeon in whom I had great confidence and a very noted man in his profession, both in this country and abroad. This surgeon operated on me in May, 1908. It was a very severe operation, and I was told by the nurse after my recovery that after the work was done the doctors did not think I would ever awake again.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express my deep gratitude for what God...
December 9, 1911

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