One who studies the Scriptures is given much reason to ponder the question of law and to think deeply concerning the law of God in its relation to the welfare of humanity. In modern thought the term law is universally used to distinguish the operative force which carries affairs systematically forward from cause to effect, and to define the process of continuous government, unseen by the physical senses, by which all existing things are related, regulated, and adjusted, whether they be universal or individual, moral, mental, or supposedly physical. The uninterrupted passing from cause to effect, the steady unfolding of component elements from a definite beginning to a logical ending, in the mental and moral life of the mortal, and in what are termed the physical conditions of man and the universe, are considered evidences of law which proves its existence by and through its effects.

That which is governed by law is admitted to be governed irresistibly, unfailingly. Law itself involves force, and law must by its very nature carry out the command of that which impels and compels it. Law knows no staying hand, else it would be less than law. Then whence, says the onlooker, arises this which looks like the blighting and blasting and upsetting of law in the natural world, this apparent confusion and tangle in the affairs of men, this chaotic rule which claims to be law, and which to all appearance thwarts the intention and operation of God's law? Or, again, are there not many kinds of law, lesser and greater, evil and good, material and spiritual, each and all struggling for supremacy? Material evidence answers that it cannot account for the origin of this discord, but admits its presence and confirms its claims. Enlightened analysis, however, from the standpoint of Christian Science, shows so-called material or evil laws to have no basis in eternal, divine Mind, and hence to be nothing but statements,—statements of aggregated human belief, so long and so universally believed that they have come to operate in an assertedly logical sequence which simulates law, and to govern wherever they are accepted as law. Divine Mind operates through the action of law, and the counterfeiting carnal mind of mortality very naturally apes the divine method and calls that law which is nothing more nor less than a false statement,—a cleverly constructed and lawful-appearing lie about the truth.

October 10, 1908

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