It is a pleasure for me to tell others the significance to me...

It is a pleasure for me to tell others the significance to me of the teachings of Christian Science. Those who have never been addicted to the habit of drink are perhaps incapable of exercising that charity and benevolence which is needed by one who has come under the influence of this dreadful habit. While the many so-called cures give but temporary relief, and never destroy the deep-seated desire for drink, Christian Science takes hold of these problems in a scientific way, and many times, almost before the patient is aware, the reformation is made complete. Not only does it destroy the habit, but it builds up the physical body in a manner that is to the world astounding, and along with all this it puts us upon a higher plane and makes man's relation to God so clear that it becomes a pleasure and delight to worship a God of love and compassion,—one who does not condemn us for our many shortcomings. Christian Science destroys the fear, not only of the afflictions that come upon us here, but the fear of hell fire, and makes God an ever-present help now, not merely one that is going to do something for us "in the sweet by and by." While to the physical senses, and under the false educational systems prevalent, there is an air of utter improbability in what Christian Scientists claim, to me the psyschological effect is so positive and clear that it passes beyond the point of belief and has become a positive knowledge, and I am sure that any broad-minded thinking person cannot help but reach a similar conclusion after an investigation. The thinking world is aroused at this time as it never has been before, by the influence of the unseen forces. We have delved deeply into materialistic theories. and now we are reaching out for a broader field,—one which will link mankind to Truth in a logical and scientific way that none can dispute.

When my attention was first called to Christian Science I was a non-believer, and resorted to it only as the last hope for a chronic trouble which had baffled the most skilled physicians in this city. It had reached the point where I had serious attacks of lung trouble, and as my mother and two brothers had died with this trouble, these attacks were certainly very alarming. In less than a month's time I was wholly relieved from these conditions and now weigh two hundred and twenty pounds. This caused me to make a thorough investigation of Christian Science, which I have since applied in many other ways, and in every instance I have received the relief sought. I had been an excessive user of intoxicating liquors, and for a long period of time I consumed from a quart to two quarts daily and was compelled to take a pint home to use during the night to produce sleep. This condition had stealthily grown upon me, and when I discovered my deplorable condition I made a desperate effort, through using will power, to rid myself of its terrible influence, but found that I was as helpess as a child; I simply could not quit. As above stated, I had been healed through Christian Science of a catarrhal trouble, so I again consulted a practitioner, who gave me one treatment, and I have not, thank God, had any desire for liquor from that day (April, 1903) to this. I had worn glasses for a great many years, and suffered more or less all the time when actively engaged in trial or brief work. I do not wear glasses now and use my eyes more than I have any time since I came out of college. I had worn a truss constantly for twenty-one years. That trouble, too, has been met, and I am as sound as any person living. All of these conditions were of such a character that the surgical and medical profession were unable to give any relief.

If I stood alone in benefits received, I might reach the conclusion that it was some phenomenal action of mind over matter, but to my personal knowledge there are hundreds of people in this community who have received like benefits. Not long since I was in the city of New York and my business brought me in contact with some of the influential men of that city. I was astonished to find that a great number of them were adherents of Christian Science, and in nearly every instance either these people have themselves been relieved of conditions which had baffled the medical profession, or else some member of their family has been healed. I mention this for the purpose of showing that we cannot lightly pass these things by and ignore them. The effects which follow one's acceptance of Christian Science will of a necessity make him a better man, morally, physically, and spiritually; in other words, it will demonstrate practically the ever-presence of God and the reign of the supreme good over all humanity.—Wm. B. Price, Lincoln, Neb.

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Testimony of Healing
I am pleased to acknowledge the benefits I have witnessed...
October 19, 1907

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