In the spring of 1902, I had reaches the point where I...

In the spring of 1902, I had reaches the point where I could go no farther, that is, in the way i was going. I had been afflicted with epilepsy for five or six years, and had gone through the usual course of remedies applied in such cases, always expecting a cure, and always being disappointed. I had become very despondent and contemplated suicide as a relief to my sufferings, when I was led through a friend to go to a Christian Science practitioner. I was induced to purchase Science and Health, but I stipulated that at the end of thirty days I could return same and get back my money if I so desired. I still have the copy and am very grateful for what its teachings have done for my family and myself. I wish to say for the benefit of others that I was overcome only twice after commencing treatment,—the last time over two years ago. I have also lost the tobacco habit, and have been healed of constipation and other ailments. From one hundred and thirty pounds I now weigh one hundred and sixty-five pounds. Some of the physicians scarcely recognize me, so great is the change.

I do not yet understand much of Christian Science, but I know that discord in whatever guise is wrong and therefore unreal. One who knows nothing of Christian Science cannot understand this statement, but through the study of Science and Health I have partly realized its truth and know that it is only a question of understanding when all will be realized. I have not only been benefited physically but financially as well. I am a different man from any point of view. I am very grateful to our Leader, through whose teachings I have obtained a gleam of this blessed truth, and I hereby acknowledge my obligation to her.

September 9, 1905

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