About five years ago I took up the study of Christian Science....

About five years ago I took up the study of Christian Science. I did not come into it for physical healing, but for spiritual understanding. I tried at once to demonstrate the truth for myself and family, and met with some success. For four and a half years medicine has not passed my lips, although I have had many and seemingly serious ailments to meet. I daily read the Lessons in the Quarterly, getting up as a rule at five o'clock in the morning, so that I can have my lesson while my thought is clear and before the family are up. I am nearly fifty-eight years old and there are six members in my family. We use no medicine except for my husband.

The first week in December I was going into the basement to look after the furnace. I was the only one up in the house—it being about 6 a.m. I thought I had reached the bottom of the stairs, but had not, and so stepped off, twisting my right foot under me. I had a lighted lamp in one hand, and as I fell the lamp broke, spilling the oil, so that I lay in a pool of it. The pain in my right foot and ankle was great. I commenced at once, as I lay there in the dark, to declare God's allness, and after a little I called so that my husband heard, and I asked him to send my daughter to me, which he did. I told her to treat me, and to help me upstairs. I do not remember how I reached the top of the stairs, but I think I crawled up. I would not have my shoe taken off, and when my husband tried to find out what had happened, I told him I did not wish to talk about it until I had overcome it. I went about the house, after a fashion, till nearly noon, but the pain had increased and I could only shove, not lift, the foot. I asked my daughter to take off my shoe. When she tried to take it off I cried out, it hurt me so. I was seemingly in such agony that I could hardly endure it.

The next morning I put on my shoe, did the usual housework, ironed, and was on my feet most of the day. My husband thought I had only met with a slight jar or fall, but about one week later I noticed that my foot was black and blue from instep to toes, and that under my ankle, about one inch from the sole of my foot, the blood was settled and was black. I called my husband's attention to the marks on my foot, telling him that they should convince him of the healing power of Christian Science. I missed the morning visit to the basement to look after the furnace only once.

Testimony of Healing
While still confronted with problems that seem unsolved,...
September 9, 1905

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