Letters to our Leader

Boston, May 8, 1905.

Beloved Leader: —As the fragrance of the blossoming trees comes to me through the open windows this beautiful spring morning, I am reminded of an incident which shows how the fragrance of your noble, loving life is reaching every one whose "windows" are open to receive its message of light and love. When visiting a small town in the north of Ireland, we met a gentleman to whom we had sent a Christian Science Journal some time before. He was very anxious to hear more about your teachings and was told how I had been healed by reading Science and Health,—made perfectly well. He had known me as a very sickly child, and on my last visit to this town, when I was nineteen, it was not expected that I would survive the winter. My ills were then supposed to have been inherited. My father said for himself that he was better than he had been for thirty years, and his experience was best expressed in the words of Bartimeus, "whereas I was blind [groping in blind faith], now I see," —am living in conscious understanding of God. This gentleman wondered very much that all our family in America had not accepted Christian Science, and could not understand how any one could entertain any prejudice in regard to your life and motives. He said that to him the fact that you had brought this message to the world, and were proving your word by your deeds, was sufficient proof that you were appointed of God, and no one else could have filled your place; that in his estimation you were following more closely in the footsteps of the Master than even his immediate apostles, for we read in Acts that handkerchiefs or aprons were taken to the sick from the body of Paul, while you do not permit any such thing, teaching rather that it is the Spirit which leadeth into all truth, and is the Healer of mankind.

Testimony of Healing
My wife had been an invalid for several years and was...
June 10, 1905

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