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The "kingdom" was the social ideal of Jesus Christ. It was a divine human commonwealth, a moral, spiritual order to be erected upon this earth. It was "light" that by radiation and reflection would illumine every morally dark place; it was "salt" that would prevent degeneracy and decay; it was spiritual ozone that would interpenetrate every soul with its inspiring, life-giving potencies. This divine order began with Jesus' own life. Of those who shared his ideals, motives, purposes, life, he said. "The kingdom of God is within you;" it is a spiritual contagion that spread from soul to soul. The individual is the "seed" that, by incorporating others, becomes a "tree." The individual is the "leaven" by which the whole "mass" of humanity is to be changed. It is in the individual. Christ's true followers have been constantly enlarging the borders of this kingdom. Jesus had no doubt that it would become universal.

Rev. Anthony Bilkovsky.The Universalist Leader.

June 10, 1905

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